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Install NPAPI Plugins in Chrome for Windows 8

The Problem

NPAPI plugins have been around since Netscape 2.0(!) and extend the capabilities of web browsers, but they were designed in a less security-conscious time. These plugins are not sandboxed and have the same access to your computer as your current user account. This kind of access is prohibited in the new Windows Store apps, and so these plugins do not run in web browsers running in Windows 8's new UI. As such, Google has decided to block their installation under Windows 8.

When you view an extension that relies on one of these plugins in the Chrome Web Store, you will see the message: "This application is not supported on this computer. Installation has been disabled." However, these plugins still work in Chrome while running in desktop mode! Until developers update their software to use newer API's, you still may want to install these plugins for use on the desktop. Here's how. Continue reading